Biometric Screenings – April Dates Added


Due to high demand for biometric screenings for health plan participants, we’ve added more dates in April to participate!

See schedule here.

It’s that time of year…when you can start earning health plan premium reduction incentives.

Having a clear understanding of your current overall health is the first step along the path of wellness. Through your wellness website, you’ll have access to the Personal Health Assessment (PHA), an extremely valuable tool that lays the groundwork for your wellness journey. This completely confidential questionnaire takes about 15-20 minutes. Based on the answers provided, your top health risks will be identified and you will be offered personalized recommendations. Additional information can be displayed to provide education on each risk area.

In addition to the PHA, another great way to learn of your overall health is to know your numbers by getting screened. Eligible participants are invited to participate in a Biometric Screening. You can either attend an on-site clinic right at your workplace or submit a physician screening form. After your screening, your biometric values will be uploaded right into your wellness website account.

To receive $150 in premium reduction incentive you must complete both the Personal Health Assessment and participate in a Biometric Screening or submit a physician screening form before April 28, 2017.

You will be prompted for your InsideCHI login and password.

Click here to for the Personal Health Assessment. **

Click here to schedule a Biometric Health Screening. See the full schedule of dates.

Click here to obtain a Physician Screening Form.

Click here for information about Spouse Directions.

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