Giving Thanks to Our Volunteers

We’re celebrating our volunteers in April.

What’s your guess on the number of volunteer hours donated at the Infirmary and North in the last year?

A. 14,000 hours (which would be approximately 7 full-time employees)
B. 18,000 hours (approx. 9 employees)
C. 22,000 hours (approx. 11 employees)
D. 26,000 hours (approx. 13 employees)

Most volunteers give a minimum of 4 hours each week; and lots give even more. So give them some praise in April and throughout the year for their valuable contributions to our ministry.

Do you know folks who would like to give their time and talents? We make it easy to apply online.


Answer: C. And there a lots more hours given at our Hot Springs and Morrilton hospitals. #CHIPraiseAndCelebration