Hot Springs Auxiliary Recognized as Service Heroes

Congratulations to the Hot Springs Auxiliary and Susan Rima, Volunteer Coordinator, for being recognized as Service Heroes in Hot Springs. Read a snip from their nomination below.

“A patient from Hope, AR, came by train to Malvern and traveled to Hot Springs where she spent the night at a local hotel. She said that the hotel put a hold on her card for three times the amount she owed and she had no way to get back home. She stated that she had an appointment with a local physician and they suggested she come to the hospital to see if we could assist her.

After several attempts to find help, Susan Rima was contacted and came to the rescue. A taxi cab was called and Susan and the Volunteers paid for her ride to Malvern to catch the train back to Hope. After talking with her for a little while, I found that she has no family or friends to help her and she works two jobs. I provided her with phone numbers to SCAT and Mercy Lodging for her upcoming surgery. Thanks again to Susan and the Volunteers for all you do!”