Earn Cash Now in 2021 Wellness Program

Earn up to $450 when you participate in the 2021 well-being program. All benefits-eligible employees as well as medical–plan enrolled spouses may participate in the program.

You can earn wellness cash from Feb. 8 to Sept. 30, 2021. Redeem earned money from Feb. 8 to Oct. 31, 2021. You choose how you want to receive your wellness cash through a health account contributions (for participants that are enrolled in a CHI Medical Plan) or gift cards (Gift cards are considered taxable income.)

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How do I earn Wellness Dollars in the Well-being Program?

Earn $20 When You:

  • Track steps all weeks of a challenge
  • Complete a volunteer activity
  • Complete lifestyle coaching (on the phone)
  • Attend a monthly wellness webinar

Earn $30 When You:

  • Take 7,000 steps 20 days in a calendar month
  • Track calories 20 days in a calendar month
  • Track sleep 20 days in a calendar month
  • Achieve ideal or improved body mass index
  • Achieve ideal or improved blood pressure
  • Reach a challenge goal
  • Complete one Journey

Earn $50 When You:

  • Complete a Heart and lifestyle survey
  • Complete Biometric screening
  • Complete a Preventive Health activity