We’re Celebrating Nurses Week by Highlighting Their Great Work

Anna Osborn, RN, Emergency Department, received the DAISY Award at Hot Springs for December.

Offering excellent and compassionate care often goes beyond the care of the patient. It extends to the care of their family and loved ones. Anna extended that care to the family of a recent patient, and it was the type of compassion they will not soon forget. Her incredible care drew letters from several members of the patient’s family:

Child 1:

“To our family’s great fortune, this nurse was working and assigned to care for our loved one. With severe injuries, she instinctively knew she was not only for a patient, but an entire family. This nurse, hearing the initial report, immediately took the extra steps and phoned me, explaining nurse-to-nurse, the extent of my family member’s injuries. While in route, I received another call from this nurse. Knowing my loved one’s condition was deteriorating, and that we might not arrive in time, she held the phone while each of us said, perhaps, our final words. At this point, I knew my family member’s death was imminent. I cannot express how much those few minutes meant. I, myself, am a DAISY nominated nurse for a CHI facility, and can only hope and pray that I have had the type of impact on my patients and family members as this nurse had on ours.”

Child 2:

“One morning we received the telephone call every family fears. A beloved family member sustained a massive injury and was rushed to the hospital. We were lucky that our loved one was under the watchful eye of this nurse. Not only was she skilled and knowledgeable, but she also showed extraordinary compassion in providing patient-centered care to our entire family. This nurse took it upon herself to contact family members to be certain we had the information we needed to make the necessary decisions. While everyone we met during this tragedy was kind and considerate, this nurse stood out and was extraordinary in her perceptions, taking small actions that turned out to make a huge difference.”

The DAISY Award was established by the DAISY Foundation in memory of J. Patrick Barnes who died at 33 of ITP, an auto-immune disease. The Barnes Family was awestruck by the clinical skills, caring and compassion of the nurses who cared for Patrick, so they created this national award to say thank you to nurses everywhere.