Better Patient Care Through Privacy – FairWarning to Launch in Hot Springs

To help safeguard the privacy of patient information, Hot Springs will implement FairWarning, a software tool that national selected to maintain the privacy of electronic protected health information (ePHI) across the system.

FairWarning works by collecting and auditing access logs from clinical applications to identify any inappropriate access to ePHI. FairWarning will simplify the auditing process by combining multiple access logs into a single view, and generating alerts when it identifies actual or potential inappropriate access to patient records.

Inappropriate access to patient records includes:

  1. Accessing a family member’s medical records
  2. Accessing other employees’ medical records
  3. Accessing a VIP’s medical records

“Patient trust in our ability to keep their personal information private is not only important to our reputation, it’s important to patient care,” said Tony Houston, Hot Springs President. “When that trust is present, patients are more likely to share the kind of information we need to deliver the best care and services possible.”

The use of FairWarning supports our mission of building healthy communities; our core values of Integrity and Excellence; and compliance with regulatory requirements to protect the privacy of patient information.

FairWarning has already been successfully implemented at CHI organizations in Nebraska, Iowa, Little Rock and Kentucky. CHI will provide experienced staff to help guide us through the implementation.

Implementation will begin sometime in March, an exact date is not yet known. While staff should already be aware of our Privacy Standards to access PHI only for work-related purposes, we wanted to ensure staff are aware of the new process to monitor access to ePHI. Inappropriate access will result in sanctions per the HR policy for Privacy and Security violations.

FairWarning will support all of our employee and medical staff efforts to safeguard patient information; will help assure patients that we protect their privacy; and will help us provide the best care to our patients and our community.

For more information, see our privacy policies; or, contact Susan Stine at 501-552-3559 or or Becky Cordell at 501-622–2349 or