Bob Alkire Recognized as Infirmary Service Hero

Bob Alkire, a pharmacist at the Infirmary, was recognized as a Service Hero for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Bob was nominated by a patient after she called the pharmacy to ask why she had been charged more than normal for fewer pills on a regular refill.

“Bob was the most pleasant and professional person I’ve talked to or had any type of interaction with in a very long time.”

The patient received a 30-day supply of her prescription, rather than the 90-day supply she was expecting, and the price was more than double what it should have been.

When the patient called to follow up, Bob helped correct the error and asked if she had an online coupon available for her prescription. He told her how to get the coupon, then told her to call him back and ask for him after she had the coupon, so he could get the money refunded back to her card.

When she called back, Bob was “just as cheerful as he had the first time” and saved her $45 while filling her 90-day prescription.

“No one else has ever gone out of their way to suggest a co-pay card, taken the time to give me step-by-step instructions on how to acquire it, then told me call back and ask for them so they could help me with this transaction. In these times and in this economy, that kind of savings on just one prescription is huge and I have Bob to thank for that! His overall demeanor and personality really brightened my day!”