Hot Springs

Coworkers Celebrate as Joanna Marchese Becomes RN

Coworkers at the Orthopedic clinic in Hot Springs celebrated Joanna Marchese, who recently became a registered nurse. Joanna continued her education while working full-time as an LPN. Those coworkers celebrating Joanna included Nikki Williams (from left), Chris Young, MD, Joanna Marchese, RN, Jared Wilson, PA-C, and Sherry Edwards, CMA.

The Cafeteria Wants Feedback from You

The cafeteria wants to find out from you how they can improve. A consumer experience survey is being conducted at each of the four hospitals until Friday, March 1. The survey takes less than 10 minutes and asks for feedback on a variety of topics, including quality of food, menu options, hours of service andView Full Post

Rhonda Mayfield & Karolyn Thompson Complete Inaugural Healthcare Leadership Course

Congratulations to Rhonda Mayfield and Karolyn Thompson, who recently completed the first Leadership Circle for Healthcare offered by the University of Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of Business. Rhonda, director of interventional services in Hot Springs, and Karolyn, market director of rehab services, were among 20 healthcare leaders throughout the state to complete the course, which met monthlyView Full Post

Meet Your Leaders at Common Grounds Chats

Forums are changing in February. We’re introducing Common Grounds chats–a chance for coworkers to talk with our leaders. These chats will be relaxed and informal. Coworkers can grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes getting to know our new leaders or visiting with leaders who have been in their roles for aView Full Post

Brooke Copeland Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Part of providing the best possible care for our patients is continually asking if there is a better way, not just accepting the way things have always been done. This is even more important when our patients can’t speak for themselves. Brooke Copeland, certified lactation consultant, asked that question. It led to her instrumental involvementView Full Post

Donna Fincher Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Sometimes the care a patient needs goes beyond a medical treatment. That didn’t stop Donna Fincher (and her husband) from helping and elderly couple in need. While caring for an elderly patient, Donna learned that they were needing a replace their refrigerator. Getting the refrigerator was not an issue for them financially, but it wasView Full Post