Hot Springs

Joshua Jones Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Joshua Jones, Executive Chef, was named Service Hero at Hot Springs for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE. The food is not often an area of praise at most hospitals, but thanks to Joshua Jones, patients at Hot Springs beg to differ. Just read what one recent patient had to say. “I want to pay myView Full Post

Leaders Attend Healthcare Conference

Leaders from hospitals and clinics recently attended the Studer Group’s annual “What’s Right in Health Care Conference” in Nashville. More than 1,500 attendees were expected to attend. The three-day conference featured results-based presentations filled with actionable takeaways to transform healthcare organizations.

Dr. Bordador Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Dr. Apolinar Bordador was named Service Hero in Hot Springs for displaying the values of REVERENCE, INTEGRITY, COMPASSION and EXCELLENCE. Even though we are all servants to a degree, especially as caregivers, when we come across a true servant, they stand out. Dr. Bordador is a true servant to his patients and it was evidentView Full Post

Dr. Seth Barnes Joins Hot Springs Primary Care

Seth Barnes, MD, has joined the Medical Group. He welcomes patients at CHI St. Vincent Primary Care – Hot Springs South Campus. Dr. Barnes, internal medicine, specializes in care for adults,including wellness checks and preventive medicine. He helps manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes and coordinates care between specialists. He earned his medical degree atView Full Post