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Alyssa Huber Named Service Hero at the Infirmary

Alyssa Huber, a diet tech at the Infirmary, was named a Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION. Alyssa was nominated by a patient who was especially grateful for the care she received. The patient said her medication often made her confused, and she was unclear what she should eat because of her dietaryView Full Post

Jackie Cotton Named Service Hero at Infirmary

Jackie Cotton, a supervisor in the Emergency Department at the Infirmary, was named a Service Hero for displaying the values of REVERENCE and COMPASSION. On a very cold night, a homeless man came to the Infirmary’s Emergency Department because he had been beaten up. He brought his dog and her three puppies in a shoppingView Full Post

Save a Life! Donate Blood at the Infirmary on March 5

You can save a life when you donate blood during the Infirmary’s upcoming blood drive, sponsored by the Arkansas Blood Institute. Wednesday, March 510am-3pmVincent DePaul Room All donors will receive a FREE Save the Humans-themed Tshirt and a ticket for one free meal in the cafeteria. Walk-ins are welcome or visit to schedule your appointment.

Tim Guinee Receives Infirmary DAISY Award

Tim Guinee, a nurse on 3NW at the Infirmary, received the February DAISY Award. Tim was nominated by a patient who praised his “words of encouragement and infectious smile.” “He catered to my needs. When I rang my bell, he was right there explaining the purpose of my pills. From the time he clocked inView Full Post