Tammy Smith Named Service Hero in Morrilton

Congratulations to Tammy Smith, who was named a Service Hero in Morrilton for displaying the values of EXCELLENCE. Tammy was recognized for her tireless efforts in helping Morrilton achieve 100% participation during the recent MyVoice coworker survey. Tammy also helped coordinate daily events in Morrilton as part of the Heritage Week celebration.

Robin Dunlap Earns Elite Scholarship

Congratulations to Robin Dunlap, Nurse Director at Morrilton, who received a $13,000 scholarship from Walden University’s Masters Health Care Administration Program. Robin is one of only 10 people in the country to receive the scholarship. Morrilton coworkers celebrated Robin’s achievement with cake and balloons. Robin was also the recipient of a CHI St. Vincent coworkerView Full Post

Presidents Share Updates from Each Hospital

COVID-19 has dominated our lives since it arrived in our community in March. And while we are continuing to care for patients during these difficult circumstances, we want to share some of the work going on at all four of our hospitals. Each week, the presidents of each of our hospitals will provide an updateView Full Post