City Director Joan Adcock Recognized as Service Hero

Little Rock City Director Joan Adcock was recognized as a Service Hero for her efforts to bring the COVID-19 vaccines to residents of southwest Little Rock.

Joan, the longest serving city director in Little Rock’s history, has been a strong advocate for all residents of Little Rock, especially those in the southwest area of the city.

Soon after COVID-19 vaccines were made available to the public, Joan and Dr. Dean Kumpuris, who also serves as a city director, approached CHI St. Vincent to make these life-saving medications more readily available to people in this area.

Joan enlisted the help and support of such wide-ranging resources as the Arkansas Department of Health and the Mexican Consulate. She obtained funding for gift cards as incentives for those being vaccinated, coordinated with the Arkansas Hunger Alliance to have representatives present to inform attendees about other assistance programs, arranged transportation and venues and did everything possible to make these vaccination clinics a success.

To date, through Joan’s efforts, more than a half-dozen of these clinics have been held and several thousand people vaccinated.

In her service to those among us who are most vulnerable, Joan Adcock has embodied all of our core values of Compassion, Inclusion, Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration, and we are pleased and humbled to honor her as a CHI St. Vincent Service Hero.