Close to the Heart Promotion Includes Contest to Win Flowers

You may see ads and social media posts for heart month with the theme “Close to Your Heart.” In fact, our main website homepage has been “taken over” exclusively with heart messages.

This campaign was launched for heart month and conveys how CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute is different from other heart programs: We have the state’s largest, most diverse, network of heart specialists and you will be able to find the heart care you need, close to where you live.

As one of the promotions, we are encouraging members of the community to enter to win a bouquet of flowers for someone close to their heart. When individuals go to, they can enter to win a weekly drawing. The winner will receive a gift card for flowers from Tipton & Hurst Florist, a generous supporter of CHI St. Vincent Foundation.  The contest is being promoted on the website and through social media.

The goal of the contest is to build our lists for our eNewsletters;  Better You and Well-Fed Me and to generate increased awareness for CHI St Vincent Heart Institute.