COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Process Update

CommonSpirit Health is updating the vaccine exemption process.

To date, nearly 97% of CommonSpirit Health employees have been fully vaccinated or granted an exemption from the vaccine requirement and an accommodation. For those who are fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption and accommodation, the updated process will not affect you. For those who remain unvaccinated and do not have an exemption, the updated process might be of interest to you.

When CommonSpirit announced the COVID-19 vaccination would be a condition of employment in our ministry, we shared that religious and medical exemptions and associated accommodations are available by law for all who qualify.

In connection with CommonSpirit’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement, a medical and religious-based exemption and accommodation process for employees and practitioners was established. Nearly four out of five religious exemption and accommodation submissions were granted.

Overall, the process has worked well. In response to employee feedback, CommonSpirit is updating the exemption request forms, while remaining consistent with the CMS rule requirements. The standards for religious and medical exemptions and accommodations will remain the same.

The updated religious exemption request form allows employees the opportunity to attest that the receipt of COVID-19 vaccines conflict with their sincerely held religious beliefs, observances or practices. This form will be available on EmployeeCentral for anyone who wishes to request a religious exemption and accommodation, including those who have not requested an exemption or whose previously religious exemption and accommodation request was denied. The updated medical exemption form will also be available.

We are profoundly grateful to all of you who are vaccinated. You are helping to end the pandemic and fulfill our sacred promise to keep ourselves, those around us and our communities safe. For those who are not yet vaccinated and wish to request an exemption and accommodation, you may do so through the COVID-19 vaccination survey located on EmployeeCentral.