Coworkers Further Education with Scholarship Assistance

Furthering our education is just one way we can strive to be our best. We try to not only provide encouragement to those wishing to do so, but when possible, provide assistance. We have a number of coworkers that received word that that assistance has been given. Below is a list of coworkers that received Coworker and Foundation Scholarships! Congratulations to all and for your pursuit of excellence.


CHI St. Vincent Coworker Scholarships
Cheyenne Broome
Brandy Campbell
Barbara Dennis
Yadira Lara-Dugan
LaRhonda Edwards
Scott Fikes
Ariel Gilmore
Ronald Green
Mecca Hill
Pamela Keefover
Janie Kehler
Beneditte Kouetcha-Dass
Candice Rhea
Carol Simmons
Krystal Throgmartin
Bionca Tolich
Heather Tran
Bonnie Ward

CHI St. Vincent Foundation Scholarships
Natalie Byers
Lindsey Clarke
Courtney Ervin

Ruairi Fox
Christy Graves

Kelsey Gunter
Deborah Harrell
Jessica Johnson
Rougaki Lee
Natalie Manatt
Jackie McKinney
Tonya Moore
Dana Niederhauser
Debra Ramsey
Sydney Reed
Michelle Revere
Byron Robinson
Holly Taylor
Davin Thomas
Marcie Trice
Leanne Vaughan
Amber Whatley