Coworker Sharing Fund Accepting Applications

Compassionate care for our coworkers when they need it most.

Providing assistance to coworkers for emergencies including personal loss due to natural disaster, medical emergencies, death or extreme unforeseen circumstances.

To receive assistance, please review the guidelines for eligibility on the Insider and follow all instructions below:

• Completely fill out the application which can be found below.
• Submit your application on line or print the form, fill out and give to a Sharing Fund committee member. A list of representatives are available below.
• Please clearly state your reason for assistance and turn in any documentation supporting the need for assistance.
• The Coworker Sharing Fund chairperson will verify the provided information and confer with the committee to determine eligibility. The requester will be notified of the committee’s decision within seven business days of receipt of application.


Print the Coworker Sharing Fund Guidelines and Application to download, fill out, and hand carry to representative, or click your hospital below to fill out online

​Hot Springs

Click here to fill out the application online

Sr. Teresa Kelone, RSM   501.622.2104
Dc. William Friedman –    501.622.2106
Roberta Swaim –    501.622.1127
Kevin Carlisle –  501.525.9675
Zorica Jones    501.545.8118


Click here to fill out the application online

Kathy McNespey – 501.552.3930
Kristina Garcia –   501.552.3748
Linda McAndrew – 501.690.6026
Paul Gaskin – 501.552.3538
Lauren Taylor – 501.552.2583


Click here to fill out the application online

Nicole Baker – 501.977.2355 (office)/ 479.970.7243 (cell)
Janelle Kelly – 501.977.2352 (office)/ 479.970.1687 (cell)
Jessica White – 501.977.2445 (office)/ 479.970.1458 (cell)


Click here to fill out the application online

Pam Keefover – 501.552.7107
Cassie Niotis  501.552.7165
Tina Langston 501.552.7447