Deana Smith Named Hot Springs Service Hero

A person doesn’t have to be on the front lines, or involved directly in patient care to be a vital part of patient care. All coworkers, in some way, affect patient care.

Sometimes we work beside people day in and day out when suddenly it dawns on us what incredible work they do for our patients every day. Deana Smith, Catering – Hot Springs Nutrition Services is one of those people. In her nomination by a coworker, they wrote,

“I have worked with Deana for over 30 years. I have seen her wear many hats and no matter what task is handed to her, she fulfills it with integrity and reverence; realizing her work is not just a job, but a ministry. Everything she does, she does it as unto God because she knows that it ends with a common result, enhancing patient care and providing excellent service. I have witnessed many deeds of compassion from Deana over the years, but one particularly touched my heart. We had a long-term patient getting married in the hospital. At a last minute notice, she stopped what she was doing, took a chocolate cake, decorated it and transformed it into a beautiful wedding cake, making this important day – even sweeter.”

Congratulations Deana. You are a true – Service Hero. #CHILivingOurMission