Dr. Brian Bean Named Service Hero at the Infirmary

Dr. Brian Bean, a hospitalist at the Infirmary, was recognized as a Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Dr. Bean was recognized as a Service Hero for the care he provided to an especially challenging patient.

The patient was transferred to 3N during the night and was unable to be comforted. The patient yelled, asked for help and tried to crawl out of bed.

By the time the day shift arrived, the night shift nursing staff were upset because they were unable to relieve the patient’s distress and the on-call APRN was unable to prescribe medication to help.

I attempted to assist the patient, but was unsuccessful because of her medical and psychiatric issues. I called Dr. Jones to see if he could assist us in getting a physician to come and assess the patient, and Dr. Bean volunteered.

When Dr. Bean arrived, he quickly assessed the situation, attempting to calm the patient and determine the best care.

“(The patient) continued to yell. He remained calm and professional the whole time. He was amazing to jump in where he didn’t have to and help not only the patient, but the nursing staff with this issue. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Bean’s actions and attitude.”