Dr. Muthukumar Radhakrishnan Celebrated as Hot Springs Service Hero

Congratulations Dr. Muthukumar Radhakrishnan for being recognized as a service hero for November 2022!

Dr. MK specializes in Critical Care Medicine and Pulmonology in Hot Springs, and was nominated by his coworkers and a patient’s family for this award.

His coworkers said he is amazing at the bedside with his patients and family members. Before he leaves the unit, he checks in with each nurse to see if there are any needs and encourages them to call if any needs arise. His support of all team members truly shows. They said he is never in a bad mood or negative. He cares enough to always listen, slow down to teach and share something positive.

“He is kind, caring, and compassionate with his words and his tone.  He is always smiling! He is a pure joy to work with!”

A patient’s family wanted to also thank Dr. MK for the excellent care and compassion he showed the patient and her family during her final moments. They said without him and his team, it would’ve been much harder to bear.

“I have never met a more kind, compassionate, and sincere physician in all my life.”