Dr. Nazneen Tata Named Service Hero at Hot Springs

Dr. Nazneen Tata, a cardiologist in Hot Springs, was named a Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Dr. Tata was nominated by her coworkers for the exceptional care she provided to a family after their loved one passed away.

When an ICU patient began to deteriorate, Dr. Tata was called. She was the physician on call but had never cared for the patient; she seamlessly took over the code from the ED physician.

“She was so kind with us nurses who at this point were coding on and off for approximately 45 minutes. She listened to us and our recommendations as our end goal was the same: to do the best we could for this patient.

After the patient passed away, Dr. Tata waited until the daughter of the patient arrived and went with the nurse to tell the unfortunate news. The daughter began to express regret for leaving the hospital earlier.

Dr. Tata let the daughter know she was not wrong for leaving and that she had to care for herself and her children. Dr. Tata explained what had happened to the patient after the daughter left and that the patient died peacefully.

Dr. Tata encouraged the patient to sit and hold her mother’s hand, and she asked what other family members were there for support. The only other people with the daughter were her two young sons, who were both waiting in the ICU waiting room.

Dr. Tata asked the nurses to check on the boys and take them drinks and snacks. After some time, the doctor followed up to make sure the boys were being cared for; she wanted them to have dinner–not just the snacks available–so she ordered pizza for the boys as well as the staff working in that unit.

“We were all so taken back by the amount of caring and compassion that she showed not only the patient, but also the daughter and children and the nurses. She really was a light during this dark time, especially for the two children. I have lost many patients during my six years in ICU and to have a physician who was willing to stay and give time to the family and really truly care for their needs was very much appreciated.”