Switch to Google Scheduled for April 12

On Monday, April 12, CommonSpirit Health will move to Google Workspace. Watch this quick Get Going with Google video to learn more about the ministry’s move to Google Workspace.

  • Beginning April 12, your existing non-archived emails, calendar events and contacts will appear in your Google Workspace account. On that date, you will only be able to send and receive new emails and calendar invites in Gmail and Google Calendar. You will still be able to view your existing emails, archived emails and calendar events in Outlook (as they were on April 9).
  • Your Google Workspace account will include Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides, and you will continue to have access to Microsoft Office’s similar applications (SharePoint, Word, Excel and PowerPoint). We strongly encourage you to start using all of the Google Workspace applications once you have attended training.
  • If you currently use Box for cloud-based storage, your Box files will migrate to Google Drive; please note that Box notes will not migrate. When you log in on April 12, migrated Box files will appear in the “Box Migration” folder in your Google Drive. Box will continue to be available for you to access as read-only starting April 12.
  • SharePoint, OneNote, local drive (i.e., C:// Drive) and shared network drive files (i.e., S:// Drive) will not be migrated to Google Drive at this time. You will continue accessing these files from their current location, or you can manually move them to Google Drive if you choose. You will receive additional instructions during training on how to best complete this.
  • Starting April 12, you will have access to Google Chat, where you will be able to chat with anyone across the entire ministry. Google Chat should be used whenever possible as Zoom Chat will be phased out over time. Zoom will remain our standard video conferencing tool, and will integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar. You will easily be able to set up Zoom meetings directly in Google Calendar, Chat and Gmail.