Hot Springs’ Pastoral Services Team Recognized as Service Heroes

Hot Springs’ Pastoral Services team members were recognized as Service Heroes for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

The team was nominated for the care they have provided under “unique and challenging circumstances” of the COVID-19 pandemic. The team members include Chaplain Rose Poag, Chaplain Shane Robertson, Father George Sanders, Chaplain Mike Poye and Chaplain Donna Sheppard.

“From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the chaplains have risen to the challenge of ministering to our patients and especially to our coworkers. When the hospital was forced to limit–and briefly prohibit–visitors, the chaplains have provided spiritual and emotional support for all our patients and their families through their presence and by facilitating communications in whatever way possible.”

The nomination praises the chaplains assistance in in coordinating visits with patients’ families and advocating for patients when they were unable to speak for themselves.

“Our chaplains have helped maintain the connection between the patient, their family and their community in every department from critical care, labor and delivery, med/surg, cardiac, ED, CTC and outpatient/pre-op as well as giving comfort to those who have suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage by providing burial services for each child.

The nomination goes on to celebrate the emotional and spiritual support the chaplains have provided to coworkers.

Perhaps even more significantly, our chaplains have continued to minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of our coworkers during a very stressful time. Our chaplains have intentionally been present for our coworkers in order to provide support and care for those who daily give of themselves to care for God’s people. Through their presence, prayers and support, our chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support for our coworkers, whenever it is needed, days, nights or weekends.

In just the last few weeks, each chaplain in the department has stepped up to refocus their efforts on the units and our coworkers that are most in need. This has meant extra time spent on the units with coworkers one-on-one, exploring new ways to address issues like compassion fatigue, wellness, resilience and guiding coworkers through the painful process of losing a patient and adapting to the stress of our current COVID reality.”