Hot Springs’ Pre-Admission Testing Clinic Team Named Service Heroes

The Pre-Admission Testing team members were recognized as Service Heroes for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

The team was nominated by a coworker for the care they provide patients getting ready for surgery. Team members include Lisa Stanfield, RN, Lori Bergstrom, RN, April Matthews, RN, Sheila Sample, RN, Christy Williams, PCT, and Konniesha Hannah, PCT. 

When elective surgeries stopped due to COVID-19, the team was placed on furlough for an extended period of time. Once elective surgeries resumed, they returned to work, tackling the challenge of busy days, an increased number of surgeries and mandatory COVID-19 testing prior to surgery. 

“These ladies have worked extremely hard and have demonstrated excellent service to our patients and each other. They are always willing to help one another, pray with one another and maintain the core values as evident in the superior outcomes our surgery patients have after establishing great educational opportunities while visiting the Pre-Admission Testing Clinic.”

“These ladies are all champions in my book and deserve to be recognized for the excellence they provide there at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs.