James Herndon Named Service Hero at Infirmary

James Herndon was named a Service Hero at the Infirmary for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

A family member submitted his nomination:

“After my precious 90-year-old grandfather was admitted for sudden confusion, high blood sugar and a terrible gall bladder infection, his condition worsened, and he was transferred to the ICU. When it became clear that the infection as too severe for him to recover, we began trying desperately to get family in from out-of-state to say good-bye. My grandfather was very proud of his three children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The entire staff in the ICU was amazing, but one nurse stood out and showed the highest level of care, compassion and respect.

“James was his daytime nurse on his final day and even though I am sure my family was such a bother being in and out all day, James never once batted an eye or acted annoyed. When my out-of-state family members arrived and it was time to discontinue medications, James watched for signs of pain and acted immediately each time my grandfather showed the slightest bit of discomfort.

“James made sure he was completely comfortable and pain-free while he took his last breaths, which meant the world to us. My grandfather passed away in the presence of his children, their spouses and all of his grandchildren. After he passed away, James was kind enough to hold hands with us, form a circle around my grandfather and join us in prayer. His kindness and compassion left a lasting impression on our family.”