Laboratory Named Hot Springs Team Service Heroes

Full laboratory team not pictured.

The Laboratory team has been named Team Service Heroes at Hot Springs for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Managers, like a parent is with their child, are proud when their team excels. The laboratory team consistently excels at their job, but even more, they show joy and compassion for their patients and their coworkers. If fact, they showed such compassion for a coworker, that Marti Favorite, Lab Manager, couldn’t contain her pride, writing:

“We have an entry level coworker, a lab assistant, who decided (after much encouragement from her coworkers) to pursue an associates degree for Medical Laboratory Technician. She began taking courses online while working full time. In March she discovered that she would be required to take summer classes to complete the program, but her student loans would not cover the expense of her summer classes. She was distraught. The team quickly jumped into action raising the money necessary to pay her tuition in full, with a little left over for books.”

Thank you Laboratory Team for being an example of compassionate coworkers for all of us to follow. #CHILivingOurMission