Local School Children Spread the Love

Valentine’s Day is a day to express love to those that mean the most to you. We tell our spouse, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and dearest friends how much they mean to us. But it is also a sentiment that can be shared more universally. After all, we are all called to love one another.

The 4th grade students at Holy Souls Catholic School in Little Rock made good on that calling, delivering over 400 hand-made Valentine’s Day cards to the Infirmary to be distributed to patients that are admitted to the hospital on this day. Juanita Carr, Volunteer Coordinator at the Infirmary, holds one valentine that a student, Ava, made specifically for the hospital (left). Volunteers handed out the remaining cards to patients letting them know that they were in the thoughts and prayers of the students. Volunteer Kimberly Marchant delivered a valentine to patient James Malone (right) who said,

“The Tibetan monks say that when we die, we get to take ten memories with us. This will be one of mine.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.