Reminder: Requests to Keep Microsoft Products Due by Dec. 15

The Off of Office effort will complete our transition to Google Workspace for enterprise collaboration and productivity. This is a ministry-wide program that includes CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs, Virginia Mason and Yavapai associates. 

Sign up for training:

We will be offering multiple 45-minute training sessions via Zoom throughout January. These sessions will cover how to work with MS Office files without having the MS Office suite installed on a device. To register, select your preferred dates on the Get Going with Google training calendar.

Reminder: Submission Guidelines

If you have a dependency on a MS product for your work, submit a form by clicking the New Submission button here by Dec. 15, 2023. Note: This is not a removal date for any MS products, but the due date to submit your request. 

Submit a request if you need to keep:Products that will not be affected/will not be removed (do not submit a request for these):
Snipping Tool
Windows Explorer
Shared Network drives

This form should only be submitted if you have exhausted all options on standard (Google Workspace) application platforms. Please work with your manager to determine how many people the use case applies to before submitting the form. Please keep in mind:

  • Approval from a VP or above is required for a submission to be reviewed.
  • A submission is for a use case/workflow which can cover multiple users. This means that a form does not need to be submitted for each user if it covers the exact same dependency.
  • For each MS Office product you depend on, please submit a separate form.
  • Duplicate submissions will delay the review process.
  • Storing/saving documents in Microsoft file types is not a dependency. 
  • Be patient as it may take significant time for the team to respond to a submission.

What happens next?

Your use case will be assigned to a reviewer. You can verify the status of your submission at any time by reviewing it on this page. The reviewer will partner with you and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your use case, providing recommendations for next steps. If a non-Microsoft solution is not possible then it will be submitted to the Off of Office Approval Committee for further review.

Note: Removing MS Office licenses from your computer will not remove any files and you can continue accessing them using Google Drive. Check out the Off of Office Program Google site and our FAQ to learn more. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Off of Office Program.