Sean Lindsey Named Service Hero at the Infirmary

Sean Lindsey, an RN on 4W at the Infirmary, was recognized as an Service Hero for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Sean was nominated after his quick actions saved a coworker in distress.

One morning as Sean was coming to work and had just been screened at the front door, he saw a coworker stumble out of the lobby restroom. This coworker was in obvious distress, and when they saw Sean, attempted to say his name.

A first aid was called, but Sean felt like things were moving too slowly and had someone grab a wheelchair. He quickly got his coworker to the ED. His critical thinking skills helped the coworker quickly receive the care they needed.

“Sean displays our core values on a daily basis, but on this day he displayed EXCELLENCE with his quick thinking and actions. I know that must have been emotional for him. This coworker works on his unit–they work together, laugh together and pitch in when the going gets tough.”

“Sean gave of himself that day in multiple ways. When he had safely gotten the coworker to the ED, he came to the unit and began working. We were all a little subdued that day, but Sean still made sure everyone was okay, once again displaying the core values of CHI St. Vincent.