Service Heroes Named at Heart Clinic Arkansas – Kanis

Heart Clinic Arkansas – Kanis recognized Service Heroes past and present. Below is a list of their recent Service Hero award recipients and their stories:

May, 2017  Regena Kendrick – Regena was nominated as a Service Hero when a patient called administration and said that she was the most wonderful person and wanted to make sure we knew.  She said Regena greeted her, was friendly, explained things as they went along, made her feel very comfortable and was very thorough.

Great job, Regena!




June 2017  Stacy Riley – Stacy was nominated for displaying the values of COMPASSION and EXCELLENCE.  Stacy often merits recognition, but received the award after helping a patient off the toilet and safely to her car.  She went the extra mile by cleaning all the bathroom stalls and wheelchair the patient had used.  She always helps clean soiled patients; a job most will run from.  She lends a hand because it’s her passion as a nurse to have compassion for patients’ dignity. Well done!

July 2017  Lauren Bradley (not pictured) – Lauren was nominated by a coworker after going the extra mile to get information about transportation for her patient who is very elderly and who has a spouse with early Alzheimer’s disease.  The patient will need recurring rides for cardiac rehab. Lauren called several places to gather information regarding rides and payment.  Good for her!!


Tonya White-Jones – Tonya was nominated by a patient who said, “This precious lady is absolutely the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate lady I have met in a long time.  She is a real treasure.  People really don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  This wonderful lady CARES!”





November 2017  Brenna Jordan – Brenna was nominated by a coworker for displaying COMPASSION.  Brenna was leaving work the other day and noticed an elderly couple outside the front of the office and decided to back up and ask if they needed anything. The lady told her that she was waiting on a bus to come and pick up her husband that was in a wheelchair.  Her vehicle wasn’t equipped to transport him and the bus was running behind. She said they had been waiting for an hour or more.  So Brenna waited along with them just to make sure he had a way home.  She took time to make sure our patient was taken care of.

Way to Live our Mission!



January 2018  Nuclear (left) and Echo departments at HCA Kanis.  Were nominated by a patient who said, “I came here with my wife for a heart check up.  She is 79 years old.  During the procedure all staff were smiling and so friendly that we felt like one of our family members were treating my wife.  During the testing period, we had passed almost 4 hours, but during that time we didn’t get bored because of the pleasant atmosphere.  God bless all doctors and the working staff with the spirit of humanitarian.”