Shane Robertson Recognized as Hot Springs Service Hero

Shane Robertson, a chaplain in Hot Springs, was recognized as a Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Shane was nominated by a coworker who praised the care he provides to every patient and family that comes into the hospital.

“I have witnessed firsthand the level of compassion he has for each and every patient in this hospital. He has a way of calming the patient and the family’s anxiety, diffusing difficult situations and just has a calming presence about him. Patients in this hospital love to see him coming.”

Not only does he care for the patients but he has cultivated a special relationship with coworkers and was a source of strength for many throughout COVID.

“Whenever there is a situation rising, he is the first one we all go looking for! He is literally the rock that holds so many of us together, especially during COVID.

“He has been a voice of reason for providers, the person we can lean on and vent to, provider of comfort and encouragement through the tears and always a smile to get us going again. If you ask anyone about him, they would agree that we couldn’t make it without him!”

The nomination also points out the work he does in the community to help those who need a helping hand.

“He does outreach to the homeless and struggling young men in the community and provides them with opportunities to better themselves. He loves those that feel unloved, and gives them chances that they otherwise might not have. Not long ago, he helped get a homeless gentlemen dying of cancer a place to stay; here he had the opportunity to receive the end of life care that he deserved. His heart is one of gold.”