Step Into Summer With These June Wellness Program Tips

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2018 Wellness Program: June Tips

Well-Being Trackers:

You can earn $50 when you complete any of the five incentivized wellness trackers between January 8, 2018 – September 28, 2018. Don’t forget to sync your wearable device if you have one! The wellness website currently syncs the following activities noted below with an asterisk.

  • Sleep* Log 16,800 minutes

  • Water Log 320 glasses

  • Steps* Log 400,000 steps

  • Mindful Minutes Log 400 minutes

  • Fruit and Vegetables Log 200 servings

Webinar: “9 Elements to Longevity”

Discover lifestyle habits and practices that contribute most to living a long, healthy life.

Harvest of the Month

Sugar Snap Peas: Try these sweet, tender vegetables in a salad, a side dish, or a stir-fry, or eat them raw as a snack. A cross between snow peas and English (regular) peas, sugar snaps have a pod that contains small peas. The entire pea is edible, including the pod.

Ways to Earn:

● $75 – Personal Health Assessment
● $75 – Lifestyle Coaching (for every 3 sessions you complete)
● $50 – Preventive Health Screenings (per exam, maximum of four screenings per year)
● $50 – Challenges (per Challenge)
● $50 – Trackers (per Tracker goal achieved)
● $50 – Journeys (per Journey)
● $25 – Webinars (per Webinar)
● $25 – Volunteer Activity (per activity, maximum of two activities per year)

Your health is about more than routine trips to your doctor – it’s about the small everyday choices you make. Those small choices can add up and make a big difference on your overall health. For  helpful wellness tips and info on how to easily redeem your wellness rewards, visit