Breast Center Hosts Ladies Night to Encourage Regular Mammograms

UPDATED 5/30: Due to limited response, this event is being rescheduled. Getting a mammogram is key to good health. To schedule your appointment, call 501.661.9766.


We know that taking time out of your busy schedule for a routine mammogram isn’t always easy, but this simple test could save your life.

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Despite what you may have heard, most women who get breast cancer don’t have a family history of the disease. That’s why mammograms are important.

Screening mammograms help physicians detect potentially cancerous changes within your breast before you can feel lumps beneath your skin. This means you can begin treatment early, when cancer is usually easiest to treat.

Getting Ready for a Successful Exam

If you’re having your first mammogram, you may be nervous, especially about feeling discomfort during breast compression. Don’t worry—this part of the exam only lasts a few seconds, according to the American Cancer Society. To minimize potential discomfort, the Office on Women’s Health recommends you avoid scheduling your mammogram within one week of your menstrual period.

A number of our affiliated hospitals now offer 3-D mammography, which complements traditional 2-D mammography. With 3-D mammography, the breast is viewed in multiple, thin layers rather than a single 2-D image. This makes it easier to accurately detect abnormalities, which is especially important for women with dense breast tissue or who have a family history of breast cancer or other risk factors. Studies have shown that when 2-D and 3-D mammography are used together up to 40 percent more invasive cancers are detected and false positives are reduced by 15 percent.

You won’t need to do anything different to prepare for your 3-D mammogram. The test is performed at the same time as your traditional digital mammogram, with no additional breast compression.

Interested in getting an exam?

The Breast Center will host a Ladies Night Out event to encourage coworkers to get their mammogram. Regular mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early, when treatment can save a life. The event will be:

Thursday, June 7, 3-8pm
CHI St. Vincent Breast Center
500 S. University Ave., Suite 114
Call 501.661.9766 to pre-screen and schedule your appointment.

Complimentary wine and snacks will be provided as well as door prize raffles, swag bags and more.

Similar Ladies Night Out events in Hot Springs and other locations are also being planned. Dates are still being finalized.

Through our Wellness Program, you can earn $50 per screening for the first four preventive screenings you get in 2018. Biometric screenings, dental and vision exams, and mammograms are among the preventive services that qualify for rewards. To learn more, visit the well-being pages on InsideCHI.