Living Our Mission: Values in Action


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Respect the CHI St. Vincent spiritual mission.
Always greet and welcome everyone with a smile, eye contact, and a friendly greeting.
Treat everyone as a valued individual.
Speak positively of CHI St. Vincent, its team members and coworkers. This includes posts on social media.
Respect cultural differences and honor individual preferences.


Be honest.
Resolve conflicts respectfully, directly and promptly with the individual(s) involved.
Show respect for each other by keeping commitments and managing each other up.
Be a good steward of our resources.
Take ownership of patient safety, quality improvement and environmental issues.


Be sensitive and address the concerns and needs of patients, family members, coworkers, volunteers and other customers.
Be an active listener and communicate professionally.
Be knowledgeable and prepared to provide information on available resources to patients or coworkers in need of support.


Model a strong work ethic and safe patient environment.
Be a welcoming owner.