Volunteers Needed for Parking Fundraiser During Razorback Game

Volunteers are needed for the SEEC parking fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 29 during the Arkansas Razorbacks game at War Memorial Stadium.

Volunteer shifts will be 7am-2pm. Click here to sign up to volunteer.

Prior to each shift, volunteers will meet at the bottom of the parking deck in the yard area. All supplies will be provided; however, volunteers are encouraged to bring their own chairs.

Lunch will be provided for anyone who volunteers.

Fans coming to the Razorback game will be allowed to park at the Infirmary for $20 per car in the following areas:

  • IHOP / ED Entrance
  • Markham Street lot
  • Outpatient lot
  • Parking deck from the third level up

Funds raised will benefit the Values in Action’s Coworker Sharing Fund. The fund is used to pay for a variety of projects throughout the year, including the Thanksgiving baskets for coworkers.

Crowds and traffic are expected around the Infirmary throughout the day; adjust your travel times to work accordingly. Free parking is available to coworkers, physicians, patients and visitors who are working or have business at the Infirmary. However, everyone, including coworkers, will be required to pay if they are parking to attend the game.