Well-Being Hub Opens in Downtown Hot Springs

The Well-being Hub is part of our ongoing commitment to providing deeper service and value care for Arkansas residents.

The CHI St. Vincent Well-being Hub is the newest addition to downtown Hot Springs. A storefront at 231 Central Ave., next to the Arlington Hotel, now offers a wide range of informational resources to help residents live healthier lives, make informed decisions and access the health care they need.

Hot Springs President Tony Houston told The Sentinel-Record that the hub is the hospital’s way of involving itself in the revitalization of downtown Hot Springs and getting to know the community when they feel well, not just when they are sick.

“I can tell you what it’s not — it’s not a clinic, and it’s not anything for health care that people are typically used to. We’re a big believer in our community, and we think there’s big things happening downtown and we want to be a part of it and show our support that way,” he said, adding that this year the hospital is celebrating its 130th anniversary in the community.

“It’s really a space where we’re looking to interact with the public in a way that maybe we don’t often get to. Oftentimes we see people and they’re not feeling well, so we want to interact with folks when they are feeling well and really talk about how to stay well, how to be well. Again, we’re not a clinic; it’s going to be educational.”

Houston said that the center will feature and emphasize different displays and focus points throughout the year.

The opening of the hub coincided with Hot Springs’ First Friday Gallery Walk and coworkers were on hand to answer questions and introduce residents to the new space. The hub’s first artist gallery features photos from Gareth Patterson, a marketing department coworker. The gallery is a colorful array of landscape and floral photos mounted on canvas ranging from the red rocks of Colorado Springs to the tall trees of the Muir Woods in California.

The project is part of our ongoing commitment to providing deeper service and value care for Arkansas residents.

A portion of this story previously appeared on The Sentinel- Record‘s Website