NEW Wellness Webinar: Nutrition Mythbusters

Webinars are an easy way to earn wellness rewards. Here is a list of the possible webinars you’ll be able to complete throughout 2018!

Wellness Webinars are a fun way to learn about a range of well-being topics!

Explore several myths, or long-held beliefs, about nutrition. This webinar teaches you to make better decisions about what to eat and drink based on real, demonstrable information.

You can earn $25 per Webinar completed. These 15-20 minute online videos can be viewed at your convenience. Simply watch the video, feel free to take notes, and then finish with a short quiz. New Webinars are launched monthly through September.

How do I watch a Webinar?

  1. Log in to InsideCHI and visit the well-being pages (formerly My Healthy Spirit)
  2. Click on “Wellness” and select “Your Wellness Website”
  3. Visit the 2018 Program page
  4. Select the Webinar section
  5. Select the Webinar section
  6. Click the Webinar of your choice and then WATCH: Webinar
  7. Once you’ve watched the video, complete the DO: Webinar Quiz section to earn the reward

Your health is about more than routine trips to your doctor – it’s about the small everyday choices you make. Those small choices can add up and make a big difference on your overall health. For  helpful wellness tips and info on how to easily redeem your wellness rewards, visit