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2018 Wellness Program Overview

Your health is about more than routine trips to your doctor – it’s about the small everyday choices you make. Those small choices can add up and make a big difference on your overall health. In fact, studies show that you are more likely to stick with healthy behaviors when they don’t drastically change your daily routines.

With that in mind, we’ve dedicated 2018 to helping you take small steps in your wellness journey. We want to meet you where you are, so our goal is to focus more on a holistic and meaningful wellness experience by offering programs and support that meet your physical, emotional, social, financial and spiritual needs.

Ways to Earn:

Easy to follow how-to instructions on how you can earn wellness rewards on each of the following topics in the links provided below.

● $75 – Personal Health Assessment
● $75 – Lifestyle Coaching (for every 3 sessions you complete)
● $50 – Preventive Health Screenings (per exam, maximum of four screenings per year)
● $50 – Challenges (per Challenge)
● $50 – Trackers (per Tracker goal achieved)
● $50 – Journeys (per Journey)
● $25 – Webinars (per Webinar)
● $25 – Volunteer Activity (per activity, maximum of two activities per year)

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Other wellness perks:

Wellness Website (custom portal on InsideCHI for health plan participants)click here

2018 Wellness Program Schedule: click here

Gym Discounts: click here

Personal Training by Brian: click here

Walk, Runs and Other Events: click here

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Confidential counseling and referrals: click here or call 877.679.3819
(Resources for fulfilling relationships, healthy living, recovery, sound mental health, financial stability, professional success, and child and elder care)

Wellness Champions: see team members

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