Imagine Your Best Self: Personal Health Assessment

You can earn $75 by completing a Health Assessment on the wellness website anytime between 1/8/2018 – 9/28/18. While you can update and/or change your Health Assessment throughout the year, you will only receive one $75 reward per program year.

A health assessment is a personal experience that helps you learn about your current health and the potential impact of current lifestyle choices on your future health. It starts with a questionnaire that guides you to gather information on your current health and health habits. Then, you receive a personalized Health Assessment Report with an overall score and feedback on each key element of your health. The wellness website is designed to serve up programs based on your responses to the Health Assessment in order to create a user experience that’s customized just for you. Your aggregate Health Assessment results are also used by Preventure (CHI’s wellness partner) coaches to reach out to you to offer coaching programs that may be of interest to you.

How do I complete my Health Assessment?
The Health Assessment can be accessed on the wellness website. From the Menu, click Act and then scroll to the Health Assessment section to locate your Assessment. The Health Assessment can also be accessed from the Earn page.

How long does the Health Assessment take to complete?
It takes about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. There are around 100 questions but most are very short and easy to respond to.

What can I do with my Health Assessment report?
You can learn a lot from your report. You may also print it and share it with your health professionals if you like. It’s especially helpful to track your Health Assessment score over time to see if your health and healthy habits are declining, staying the same or improving.

Can I save my responses and come back later to complete the Health Assessment?
Yes, though it is best to set aside 15 minutes to complete the Assessment all at once if possible. In order to receive the Health Assessment Report, you must complete each question and click Submit on the very last page to generate the Report.

The Submit button isn’t working. What’s going on?
More than likely, you’ve missed a question in that section. Scroll up and complete any questions highlighted in red.

Is this information confidential?
Absolutely. Privacy measures are taken to ensure your information is kept both confidential and secure.