Imagine Your Best Self: Challenges

You can earn $50 per Challenge for successfully completing the goal of each Challenge. A total of four Challenges will be offered in 2018:

Challenges encourage you to reach a fitness, nutritional or health goal with your coworkers. You can incorporate information and log activity to help keep you on track. Challenges are multi-week programs that you join in with your colleagues. You can track your activity and enjoy learning more through informative articles. Don’t forget to share your progress and experience with your peers!

Be on the lookout for more information about upcoming Challenges. Your wellness champion will provide the information about upcoming Challenges. We also promote the Challenges on the well-being pages found on InsideCHI.

How do I join a Challenge?
Registration is available to you on the wellness website two weeks prior to the start of the Challenge, and then through the last day of the Challenge.

  • Log in to InsideCHI and visit the well-being pages (formerly My Healthy Spirit)
  • Log in to InsideCHI and visit the well-being pages (formerly My Healthy Spirit)
  • Click on “Wellness” and select “Your Wellness Website”
  • Visit the 2018 Program page Select the Challenge section
  • Select the available Challenge and click “Join”

Can I sync my device or app to the wellness website for Challenges?
For Challenges which include tracking steps, sleep or water you can use your device to help you participate in the Challenge. To sync your device, click on the Profile or Track page, scroll to the bottom and select “Manage Devices.” Choose your app or device from the selections shown and follow the instructions. If you don’t see your device or app in the available list, please contact us by selecting the “Can’t find it?” button and requesting that we support your device or app. If we receive enough interest in a particular device or app, we may support it in the future.

Can I sync more than one device or app?
Although it’s possible to sync more than one device or app, if you’re participating in a Challenge or receiving wellness dollars for logging exercise, please sync only one device or app to the wellness website. This ensures that your activity is tracked accurately.

I have completed all of the tasks in the first week of my Challenge. How do I access the second week?
You can access Week 2 of the Challenge in the second week.

How do I quit or stop participating in a Challenge?
Please contact Preventure Customer Care at 888-321-4326 if you need to quit or stop participating in a Challenge. Otherwise, the Challenge will stay active for you to participate until the defined Challenge timeframe has passed, and the Challenge will automatically be removed from your “My Activities” section on the homepage.

How can I keep track of my progress?
The tasks that must be completed to earn your reward are marked “required.” You also need to achieve the required Challenge goal to earn your reward. As you complete tasks and reach the goal, your progress is updated. Hover over the progress bar to display your progress toward meeting the challenge’s activity goal.

I forgot to log my activity from Week 1, and it is Week 3. Can I back log?
Yes, you may go back and log your activity from previous weeks as long as the Challenge is still active.

How soon after I complete my Challenge will wellness dollars be granted?
Your wellness dollars appear in your Earn section within one business day for Challenges.