Imagine Your Best Self: Journeys

You can earn $50 per Journey completed. Journeys are self-guided, multi-week programs that you complete on the wellness website. Journeys help you learn valuable information and start making important lifestyle choices on a range of well-being topics. We encourage you to use them as a launch pad for making positive, long-term health changes. At your journey’s end you’ll be more knowledgeable on a focused area of your health and on your way to positive change.

How do I join a Journey?

  1. Log in to InsideCHI and visit the well-being pages (formerly known as My Healthy Spirit)
  2. Click on “Wellness” and select “Your Wellness Website”
  3. Visit the 2018 Program page
  4. Select the Journey section
  5. Find the Journey of your choice and click “Join”

I’ve completed all of the tasks in the first week of my Journey. How do I access the second week?
You have access to Week 2 of your Journey after you complete all of the tasks in Week 1 and seven calendar days have passed since you began Week 1.

When I log back in, where can I access my Journey?
Your active Journeys are located on your homepage, in the “My Activities” section. If you have added more than five activities, click “View All” to review your complete list of active Journeys and Challenges.

How many Journeys can I select?
There’s no limit to how many Journeys you can participate in at one time. Your active Journeys and Challenges are pinned to the “My Activities” section on your homepage in the order in which you joined. If you have added more than five activities, click “View All” to see your complete list of active Journeys and Challenges.

If I forget to complete the subsequent weeks in my Journey, will I have to start from the beginning?
No, you can start right where you last left off on your Journey.

How can I keep track of my progress?
All of the tasks in the Journey are required to complete the Journey and earn the reward. As you complete tasks, you will see that they are marked as completed.

How soon after I complete a Journey will wellness dollars show on the wellness website?
Your wellness dollars appear in the Earn section of the wellness website within one business day. You may participate in as many Journeys as you like, but there is a maximum on the number that you may complete each program year to earn rewards. Please check your Earn page for additional details.