Zorica Jones Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Zorica Jones, Environmental Services, has been named Service Hero in Hot Springs for May for displaying the values of COMPASSION and EXCELLENCE. Zorica is a dual-nominee having received two separate nominations this month.

A volunteer wrote that Zorica is always prompt, pleasant and hardworking. She offered to help me bring needed items in from my car for me, and have seen her helping others bring items in as well. She goes over and above her normal duties to be helpful and to serve her coworkers and CHI. Her second nomination states that she represents the value of Excellence with outstanding commitment and dedication to her work every day for the Cancer Center and the hospital. She arrives first every day and makes sure the center is clean and beautiful. She also helped when the center had a flooded hallway from a clogged drain, taking swift action to report the issue and used every means possible to ensure the water did not reach critical areas.

She consistently goes above and beyond, taking on extra duties and is obviously invested in our patients and coworkers. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make things right or clean. She is loved by all her coworkers, and can be seen everywhere doing what she can to pitch in. She is a tremendous asset and we thank and praise her for her dedication to service excellence.

Well done Zorica! We thank you and appreciate you for all you do!