Donate Life-Saving Blood at the Infirmary on March 4

The Arkansas Blood Institute will be at the Infirmary on Thursday, March 4. You can help save a life when you donate. Thursday, March 410am-3pmVincent dePaul Room The Arkansas Blood Institute is experiencing an emergency need for blood donations of all types. The recent inclement weather has dramatically reduced blood donations during a time whenView Full Post

Asparagus is the March Harvest of the Month

This month’s Harvest is a slender green vegetable that was considered a delicacy in ancient Roman times, asparagus. The asparagus we typically envision is called garden asparagus, and each individual piece is called a spear. Asparagus spears are typically served cooked and in American cuisine they are often served with a side of hollandaise sauce.View Full Post

Show the Smile Behind Your PPE

PPE keeps us safe, but it also covers up the main way we express emotion and compassion to our patients: our faces. That’s why we are offering you an opportunity to connect on a more personal level with your patients by adding a personal 3 x 5 photo to your PPE that can show themView Full Post

Stay Warm with Creamy Mushroom Soup

Stay warm on cold winter nights with creamy mushroom soup. The stars of this warm and satisfying soup are the mushrooms–the February Harvest of the Month–but it’s the added veggies and herbs that elevate it from simple soup to simply delicious. And best of all, this soup comes together in just 30 minutes, meaning youView Full Post