Begin Earning Your Wellness Rewards Today!

Each year we look forward to offering our employees programs to help them imagine and achieve their total well-being.  We planned to begin our 2019 Wellness Program today, but decided to delay so we can take a little more time to work on behind-the-scenes details. Our test group experienced issues with the single sign onView Full Post

Labor and Delivery Closing Feb. 9 at the Infirmary

The Infirmary’s labor and delivery and NICU services will be ending on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019. This is a change of date from originally announced early March timeframe. The change is primarily because many of the coworkers are moving to new roles earlier than anticipated. We will continue to provide emergency deliveries to those whoView Full Post

January 14 Edition of OneSpirit Weekly

A weekly newsletter created by coworkers, for coworkers. The January 14 edition features lots of service hero award winners, Hot Springs Orthopedic Program Certification, Heart Institute’s Taylor Crow receiving an award, and the 2019 Wellness Rewards program beginning Monday, Jan. 14. Click here to download the issue.

Mindfulness Training Starts Here

Mindfulness Training Stress is a leading cause of illness, but did you know that mindfulness training is a proven way to keep you healthy? Whil is an on-demand video-based program that makes mindfulness training easy to access, simple to understand, and engaging. Learn the basics of emotional intelligence, yoga, and mindfulness through Whil’s guided videosView Full Post

How To Connect with the 2019 Wellness Website

It’s easy to access your Wellness Website 1. From your work computer Visit the well-being pages on InsideCHI Click on “Wellness” and select “Your Wellness Website” 2. From your home computer Visit 3. From your smartphone Once you have created your wellness website account via a computer, download the FREE iOS or Android VirginView Full Post

It’s Time To Update Your Email Signature

A new email signature has been created, and all CHI St. Vincent coworkers are encouraged to implement the new signature by Jan. 31. An easy step-by-step guide is available by clicking here. You can also find instructions by clicking on the “email signature” link under the Apps, Forms, Tools drop down menu on the Insider’s homepage.View Full Post