Healthy Potato Skins? Try These

Already thinking about healthy options to combat that holiday excess? Sweet potatoes–November’s Harvest of the Month–are healthy and delicious. These root veggies are rich in vitamin A and potassium, which can help with blood pressure regulation and ease muscle cramps. This recipe for Loaded Sweet Potato Skins is quick, easy and so delicious you won’tView Full Post

Swap In Sweet Potatoes for Satisfying Potato Cakes

Potato, patato, right? Well, sort of. Despite its name, sweet potatoes–November’s Harvest of the Month–are not closely related to white potatoes. However, they are often used as a substitute in recipes that traditionally call for white potatoes, like this recipe for simple and satisfying Sweet Potato Cakes. Ingredients: Cooking spray 1 egg Salt and pepper toView Full Post

Showing Gratitude Can Relieve Stress

By Debra Staton, Wellness Coordinator for the Arkansas Health Network Can showing gratitude help reduce our stress? It turns out being appreciative can actually decrease our cortisol level (stress hormone), which in turn decreases our stress. An “attitude of gratitude” releases dopamine in the brain and can impact our mental and physical health. In order toView Full Post

Give Thanks & Enter to Win with Gratitude Challenge

This is the season for gratitude and thankfulness. Help remember your blessings every day with the Gratitude Challenge. Follow these simple steps to participate: Print your Gratitude Calendar. Click here to print. Complete at least 12 gratitude challenges during the month of November. Submit your completed card by Friday, Dec. 4 to Debbie Staton at dstaton@stvincenthealth.com. Or, youView Full Post