Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Baked Pears

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying healthy? Look no further than the pear, the August Harvest of the Month. For a scrumptious treat, try this recipe for Baked Pears, which requires just three ingredients and comes together in 25 minutes.  Click here to print the recipe. Ingredients: 4 ripe pears, cored and halvedView Full Post

Pears are the August Harvest of the Month

What did the pear say after meditation? “I feel re-peared.” Pear jokes aside, meals and snacks are sweeter with this antioxidant-rich fruit. You can include pears in salads, soups, jams, cobblers, grilled cheese and more or, you can eat a pear plain like an apple. Learn more about this delicious fruit and the great recipesView Full Post

Stuffed Tomatoes Are Flavorful, Veggie-Packed Dish

Tomatoes are one of the most popular things to grow in summer and with good reason. Tomato plants are a gardener’s best friend because they’re so easy to grow, and studies have shown that eating tomatoes can protect your immune system, heart, lungs and vision. In this recipe for Stuffed Tomatoes, the tomatoes–the July HarvestView Full Post

MyWellness Mindfulness Coloring Pages Available

Spaces throughout our ministry are getting a little more colorful with the launch of our new MyWellness mindfulness coloring pages. The coloring pages are meant to encourage employees to take a few mindful minutes to unwind. The pages are available to download and color by clicking on the links below: Fun-filled florals Lovely leaves SmilingView Full Post

Earn Cash Now in the 2022 MyWellness Program

The MyWellness program is dedicated to helping each of us be kind to ourselves–by inspiring us, supporting our well-being and providing rewards as helpful motivators. Participants can earn up to $450 for completing healthy activities, like mindfulness sessions, volunteering, sleep improvement, healthy eating and tracking physical activity. This new program is available to all full-timeView Full Post

Tomato Salad is the Perfect Summertime Dish

A simple BLT sandwich is one of the tasty pleasures of summer. This recipe for Tomato Salad with Bacon and Tomato Dill Dressing brings all the delicious flavor of your favorite summertime sandwich without the extra calories. Drizzle homemade vinaigrette over tomatoes–the July Harvest of the Month–and crumble bacon on top. In just 20 minutes,View Full Post

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