Zucchini is the June Harvest of the Month

As summer officially begins this month, we zealously anticipate the arrival of fresh produce, farmers’ markets and gorgeous weather.  Zucchini is often referred to as summer squash and can be grown all over the United States during warm seasons. This vegetable is packed with folate, potassium & Vitamin A and is very low in calories. It canView Full Post

Stay Healthy All Summer with These Tips

Summer’s many delights can pose a challenge to staying on top of your plan. But it’s totally normal to drift a bit. Luckily, there are lots of ways to accommodate your desire to have fun, travel, entertain—to enjoy all that the season has to offer—while not losing touch with your healthy habits. Try these ideasView Full Post

Lifestyle Coaching (Earning Opportunity)

Did you know Lifestyle Coaching can help you to feel better and live a healthier life? Earn $20 for each Lifestyle Coaching call (max of 4 call per year). Whether you are trying to lose weight, stop smoking or manage stress, getting started and staying motivated can be difficult. Now you can get the supportView Full Post

Make the Most of Your Summer

You’ve earned the time off, so use it! Plan a family-fun summer vacation. Whether your family wants to “hit the road” or stay home, here are some ideas and tips for a great summer vacation. First, Plan Your Time Off Check to make sure you have enough vacation/PTO to cover your planned time off. ArrangeView Full Post

Sign Up Now for the 2019 Go! Mile Run

Join us Saturday, June 15 at 8:25am to run/walk a mile alongside other coworkers at the CHI St. Vincent Go! Mile, at the Clinton Presidential Center. The cost is $15 or two entries for $20, so recruit a buddy! (This is a discounted rate if you sign up through CHI St. Vincent.) All registrations include:View Full Post