Don Rowe Named Infirmary Service Hero

Don Rowe was named Service Hero at Infirmary for displaying the value COMPASSION. Sometimes, after a long day, the only thing on our mind is getting home and relaxing. Thankfully, that was not the case with Don. He was leaving work one evening and heard a ruckus beside a car parked in the lot. HeView Full Post

Submit 2018 Heritage Week Award Nominations

We’re happy to announce Heritage Week celebrations are slated for Sept. 24- 30, 2018. As a part of this special time, nominations are now open for the annual service excellence and leadership awards. Take a minute to look back at last year’s winners (pictured)! Why take a few moments and nominate a coworker? It’ll remind you ofView Full Post

Leah Smith Named Infirmary Service Hero

Leah Smith was named Service Hero at Infirmary for displaying the value of COMPASSION. A patient in ICU was ordered to receive chemotherapy during the evening shift. When oncology was contacted that evening to give the chemo, it was discovered that there was not a chemo-certified nurse on duty. On contacting the pharmacy about this,View Full Post

Peggy Diaz Receives Infirmary DAISY Award

Peggy Diaz, RN in 4NW, received a DAISY Award at the Infirmary. Following is an excerpt from her nomination: She consistently demonstrates our Core Values with our patients, their families and her coworkers. She energetically greets all who come to 4NW with her never-ending smile and willingness to help in any way. She is not timid inView Full Post

Juanita Lindsey Named Infirmary Service Hero

Juanita Lindsey was named Service Hero at Infirmary for displaying the values of REVERENCE and COMPASSION. While on duty, Juanita noticed a patient’s family member that was intensely distraught, and who eventually locked themselves in the visitor bathroom. Juanita stood outside the bathroom door speaking to and trying to calm them down. She displayed respectView Full Post

Holly Taylor Named Infirmary Service Hero

Holly Taylor was named Service Hero at Infirmary for displaying the values of COMPASSION. Below is an excerpt of her nomination: To live our Core Values while at work is one thing, but to show our Core Values as the parent of a patient is another. Holly Taylor was here as the parent to herView Full Post

Crystal Farrer Named North Service Hero

Crystal Farrer was named Service Hero at North for displaying the values of COMPASSION and INTEGRITY. Returning a lost wallet may seem like a small thing, but to the person who owns the wallet, it can be huge. Crystal help find a wallet lost by a patient, who wouldn’t have been more grateful. The patientView Full Post