Coworkers Recognized During Service Awards Banquet

Nearly 300 coworkers were honored for their dedication to the ministry during the Service Recognition Awards Banquet at the Benton Event Center on Thursday, April 18. Dr. Douglas Ross served as master of ceremonies, the welcome was given by Chad Aduddell, CEO; the invocation delivered by Deb Roybal, VP of Mission Integration and there wasView Full Post

Barbara Moore Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Barbara Moore was named Hot Springs service hero for displaying the values of REVERENCE and COMPASSION. There are certain vocations or callings that can never truly get the credit they deserve: teachers, first responders, military service men and women, nurses and others. This patient agreed as evidenced in her letter of nomination for Barbara. SheView Full Post

Leisa Cook Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Some coworkers are so special that it’s hard to pinpoint one great act, because the excel every day. Leisa Cook is one of those coworkers. For 30 years she has been a devoted, compassionate, caring, reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable coworker. As explained by her coworker nomination, “She possesses a level of care and character thatView Full Post

Brandi Jones Receive Hot Springs DAISY Award

Brandi Jones, a nurse on 2 East at Hot Springs, received the Daisy Award. Brandi was nominated by a coworker who wrote, “Close to a shift change I had a patient’s heart rate dropping, so I received an order for external pacing and transfer to stepdown. Being on the ortho floor, I had never hadView Full Post

Mike Childress Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Mike Childress was named Hot Springs service hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION. Most of our coworkers do an excellent job in caring for our patients, but sometimes the care they need falls outside the walls of the hospital, and moreover can be unrelated to their immediate health-related care. In the nomination submitted byView Full Post

Dr. Clint Henson Named Hot Springs Service Hero

We are blessed to work with an incredible group of physicians. They often don’t get the credit they deserve because people expect much of physicians. So, when a patient goes out of their way to recognize their doctor, it really says something. Dr. Henson’s patient wrote, “Dr. Henson went out of his way to makeView Full Post

Jeff Erwin Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Many people excel at their job. They work hard, perform well, work with others – in short – they are great coworkers. Some coworkers really take it to the next level. Not only do they excel at their duties, but they constantly ask how they can impact our patients in a more positive way. TenView Full Post

Olivia Diaz Receives Hot Springs DAISY Award

Olivia Diaz, a nurse on 1 East at Hot Springs, received the Daisy Award. A patient nominated Olivia for her kindness and attentiveness writing, “She always knocked before entering my room and did so smiling and addressing me by name. She was very professional. Her attentiveness and willingness to just sit and listen when IView Full Post