Holly Taylor Named Infirmary Service Hero

Holly Taylor was named Service Hero at Infirmary for displaying the values of COMPASSION. Below is an excerpt of her nomination: To live our Core Values while at work is one thing, but to show our Core Values as the parent of a patient is another. Holly Taylor was here as the parent to herView Full Post

Crystal Farrer Named North Service Hero

Crystal Farrer was named Service Hero at North for displaying the values of COMPASSION and INTEGRITY. Returning a lost wallet may seem like a small thing, but to the person who owns the wallet, it can be huge. Crystal help find a wallet lost by a patient, who wouldn’t have been more grateful. The patientView Full Post

Heritage Week Award Nomination Deadline is Aug. 31

Award nominations are now closed. We’re happy to announce Heritage Week celebrations are slated for Sept. 24- 30, 2018. As a part of this special time, nominations are now open for the annual service excellence and leadership awards. Take a minute to look back at last year’s winners (pictured)! Why take a few moments and nominateView Full Post

Kayla Bullard Receives Hot Springs DAISY Award

Kayla Bullard, RN in Emergency Department, received a DAISY Award at Hot Springs. Following is an excerpt from her nomination: This nurse is a very hard worker and takes excellent care of her patients. She received a radio report of a patient with stroke-like symptoms. She immediately began preparing and by the time the patientView Full Post

Make Someone’s Day In Just One Minute 

Send a Coworker a Praise Card! Any expression of gratitude is worthwhile, but in an age of digital dominance, handwritten thank-you notes are extra special. When was the last time you received a written note of thanks? You may have to think back quite a while. Instantaneous communications, such as text messages and emails, can make paperView Full Post

Summertime, and the Saving is Easy

Summer is a time to relax, reflect and renew your mind, body and spirit. Whether you’re traveling with family, enjoying a hobby, or volunteering your time and talents, it’s your chance to pause, focus on the things that matter most, and imagine your Best Self. Our CHI Discount Program, powered by Perks at Work, can help.View Full Post