Vogel Family Awards Scholarships to Coworkers

For more than 40 years, the Vogel Family’s generous donations have funded scholarships for our coworkers. These scholarships allow our coworkers to enhance their education and support our commitment to excellence.  Vogel Family Nursing Scholarship Bill Bledsoe                    Natalie ByarsCarla KrausLyssa EdwardsRenee Fechuch Ruairi Fox Sarah GainesView Full Post

Yvonne Rogers Named Service Hero in Hot Springs

Yvonne Rogers was recognized as a Service Hero in Hot Springs for displaying the value of COMPASSION. Yvonne, RHIT, HIM Department Supervisor, was walking in the hospital when a man who had just been discharged from the ED approached her, looking for a doctor who no longer works in Hot Springs. Yvonne led the manView Full Post

Karen Street Named Service Hero in Hot Springs

Karen Street was recognized as a Service Hero in Hot Springs for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE. Karen, BSN, RN, CEN-PACU, was nominated for her work on the Clinical Ladder program, which encourages professional growth of nurses.  As chair of the program, Karen has gone above and beyond to help encourage nurses to participate inView Full Post

Spencer Burris Named Service Hero in Hot Springs

Spencer Burris was recognized as a Service Hero in Hot Springs for displaying the values of EXCELLENCE and COMPASSION. Spencer, RN on 3 West, was nominated by a patient’s family. Their daughter, who suffers from seizures, was brought to the ER after she fell and hit her head. “Spencer listened to our concerns and madeView Full Post

Tara Anderson Named Service Hero at North

Tara Anderson was named a Service Hero at North for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE. Tara came in on her day off to help provide care for a patient who was in extreme pain and having difficulty following directions to care for his post-procedure sheath. The patient’s high blood pressure made him a high riskView Full Post

Lisa King Receives Hot Springs DAISY Award

Lisa King, a nurse in Hot Springs, received the June DAISY Award. Lisa was nominated by a patient who was returning for a second surgery in a month. The patient “received excellent care from all of my team but one person really worked hard to make a difference.” “This nurse recognized that there was anView Full Post

Hot Springs Celebrates Nurses Who Completed Clinical Ladder

Hot Springs celebrated the latest group of nurses to complete their Clinical Ladder. More than 70 nurses attended a celebration breakfast. The clinical ladder is a structured system to provide nurses’ career advancement while remaining in the clinical setting, providing direct patient care. It is used to recognize professional development and differentiates levels of nursing expertise and contribution. Sixty-nineView Full Post