Brooke Copeland Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Part of providing the best possible care for our patients is continually asking if there is a better way, not just accepting the way things have always been done. This is even more important when our patients can’t speak for themselves. Brooke Copeland, certified lactation consultant, asked that question. It led to her instrumental involvementView Full Post

Donna Fincher Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Sometimes the care a patient needs goes beyond a medical treatment. That didn’t stop Donna Fincher (and her husband) from helping and elderly couple in need. While caring for an elderly patient, Donna learned that they were needing a replace their refrigerator. Getting the refrigerator was not an issue for them financially, but it wasView Full Post

Amy Gates Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Patient-centered care means keeping the needs of your patient at the center of the care you provide. That goes beyond the walls of the clinics and hospitals. Amy Gates understands this. Read a little of her nomination: Amy noticed that as the Wound Center was closing, a patient and her spouse had locked their keysView Full Post

Madison King Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world, and holiday time can be extra chaotic, but Madison King didn’t let that prevent her from paying attention to the needs of her patients and working tirelessly to make sure they have what they need. Here’s just a clip from her nomination:View Full Post

Dr. John Pabona Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Doctors see hundreds of patients, providing care for each of them. The really exceptional physicians have a way of providing the kind of care that make each patient feel as though they are their physician’s only patient. That’s the kind of care and attention Dr. John Pabona provides his patients. Here are some excerpts ofView Full Post

Polly Davenport Honored with Farewell Reception

Coworkers gathered Tuesday to honor Polly Davenport with a farewell reception. After serving four years as Chief Operating Officer and President of the Infirmary and North, Polly is leaving to join AMITA Health in Chicago. To remind Polly of her time in Arkansas, she was gifted with a bowl from Pine Bluff artist James Hayes.View Full Post

Anna Osborn Receives Hot Springs DAISY Award

Anna Osborn, RN, Emergency Department, received the DAISY Award at Hot Springs for December. Offering excellent and compassionate care often goes beyond the care of the patient. It extends to the care of their family and loved ones. Anna extended that care to the family of a recent patient, and it was the type ofView Full Post