Sarah Gaines Named to STEMI Advisory Council

Congratulations to Sarah Gaines, a nurse-patient care coordinator in Morrilton, who was named to the Arkansas STEMI Advisory Council. Sarah was appointed as a non-PCI hospital representative for the Central Arkansas Region. Her term continues through Dec. 31, 2022. The Arkansas STEMI Advisory Council is responsible for determining the current status, defining gaps in careView Full Post

Trish Nicholas Named Service Hero at Hot Springs

Trish Nicholas was recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs for displaying the value of COMPASSION. Trish was nominated by the team at Arkansas Organ Recovery Agency. The mission of ARORA is to restore lives, and to do that, they work closely with their hospital partners. During one recent event, Trish helped when minutes mattered.View Full Post

Dr. Raul Ramirez Named Service Hero at North

Dr. Raul Ramirez was named a Service Hero at North for displaying the value of COMPASSION. A patient was discharged and needed home equipment that was not covered by insurance. When Dr. Ramirez became aware of the situation, he went out of his way to ensure the patient had the needed equipment and also offeredView Full Post

Paula Lowery Receives Hot Springs DAISY Award

Paula Lowery, a nurse-Patient Care Coordinator in SICU at Hot Springs, received the December DAISY Award. Paula was nominated for the care she provided to a patient who was unresponsive upon his arrival at the hospital. Because no ICU rooms were available, the patient was kept in ED while a bronchoscopy was ordered. Paula andView Full Post

Morrilton ED Team Named Service Heroes

Morrilton’s Emergency Department team members were named Service Heroes for displaying the value of COMPASSION. A homeless man came into the ED, looking for help. He was very dirty, and his clothes were soiled. The ED team immediately stepped in. Becki Ellis and Sarah Gaines gave him a shower. Jackie Loyd and Hope Hartman purchasedView Full Post

Laura McConnell Receives Hot Springs DAISY Award

Laura McConnell, an oncology nurse on 2W in Hot Springs, received the November DAISY Award. She was recognized after she organized her coworkers to help a patient’s daughter attend prom. The coworkers raised enough money to purchase a dress and have the girl’s hair and nails done for her special night. “This young lady andView Full Post