MDsave & CHI St. Vincent Partner to Help Patients Save Money and Access Needed Care

MDsave and CHI St. Vincent are working together to help local residents without insurance or with high-deductible health plans save money and get more of the medical care they need. Through the MDsave marketplace, patients at CHI St. Vincent will have access to a wide variety of medical procedures at up-front prices up to 60 percent off the average rate* as well as simplified billing and educational resources.

How It Works

MDsave empowers patients to take more control over their healthcare decisions by offering transparent pricing and educational resources on diseases and treatments. MDsave’s website allows patients to geographically search by procedure, provider, specialty or ailment and compare pricing. Just choose the best option, add to your cart and check out online – the price posted is what you pay.

 For example, an MRI might cost $2,500 on the healthcare exchange, but by researching and booking through MDsave, that same patient could get an MRI at CHI St. Vincent for less than $500.

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*Savings are calculated based on the MDsave price compared to average market cost of offered medical services.