Our Sacred Work & Our Spirituality Expressed (Webinars)

The Mission of Catholic Health Initiatives is more than an assignment or a set of goals—it’s an expression of love.

To learn more about how you play a significant role in our Mission, watch the
Mission wellness webinars “Our Sacred Work” and “Our Spirituality Expressed” on InsideCHI well-being pages and earn a wellness incentive for each video you watch.

Our Mission to nurture the healing ministry of the Church, supported by education and research, is a labor of love that reveals the divine. That theological understanding of what we do differentiates our Mission from every other health care organization’s, according to Tom Kopfensteiner, executive vice president of Mission at CHI.

“Our work is not only good and noble, but also sacred, holy,” Tom said. “Through our actions, we make God’s presence known in the world. There is no greater expression of that than one individual helping another.”

Caretakers of the Mission

Every CHI employee helps our Mission thrive, but two work groups are responsible for promoting it, both within our health system and to the world: the Advocacy and Mission groups. The Advocacy group has a rich history at CHI. “Advocacy is a legacy work group, one of our oldest,” Tom said. “The foundresses of CHI recognized that one of the advantages of being a truly national system was being well positioned to advocate for the social justice teachings of the Church, such as protecting the most vulnerable among us. That’s what the Advocacy group does at the national, regional and local levels.”

The Mission group has a similar structure, with a team on the national level and Mission leaders at every CHI location. The group focuses on four priority areas that are central to CHI’s unique culture, grounded in spirituality. Such a culture provides opportunities for employees to participate in, and contribute to, the bringing about of a better world through: