Rachael Stauder Celebrated as DAISY Award Winner

Congratulations Rachael Stauder, RN, Hot Springs, for being recognized as a DAISY Award winner for October 2022!

Rachael is described as always showing kindness and being caring towards her patients, but there was one day that she showed “what being a nurse is all about.”

A coworker said Rachael had a really busy day on 2E. Not only did she have a patient from the emergency department with 49 orders, but another patient of hers was actively passing away.

Rachael took the time with the dying patient and his son. She spoke with the son at length and then joined with other coworkers, holding hands and prayed over the man. No one had asked her to do it, but she was led to do so.

“It was the most heartfelt prayer I’ve heard in a while.”

After the prayer, the son was at peace and the patient passed away peacefully.

“Rachael is a true example of a leader.”