Dr. Igor DeCastro Recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs

Congratulations to Dr. Igor DeCastro, Neurosurgeon, for being recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs. He put our values into action by demonstrating COMPASSION and REVERENCE after being a blessing to a family after they suffered a tragic loss. Read a snip from his nomination:

I would like to nominate Dr. DeCastro and his assistant Darlene for a service hero award. This past week has been a terrible week as we lost a dear friend. The entire staff of ER and later ICU was award winning in their care and tenderness towards the family. Unfortunately, Dr. DeCastro was left with the task of delivering the catastrophic news to us all. His approach to this process is why, in my book, he has been blessed with the ability to not only be a fine physician but also to show the family respect, care and do everything he could to try and help ease the burden of not only the patient but the family as well. This was a truly traumatic event for us all and Dr. DeCastro was a blessing at a time when we needed a blessing. Not only was he just a gem and an inspiration, his assistant Darlene was as well a special person at a time when we needed her. Darlene is sweet, caring and extremely intelligent. She helped us by explaining any questions we had and we could see how much she truly cared about us and our dearly departed friend.

In the end, Dr. DeCastro and Darlene helped us make some extremely difficult decisions. Although this has been a painful experience for us all, these caregivers we experienced are a representation of the loving spirit we should all aspire to. They truly do represent the work and love of Christ on this Earth. I am so thankful to be a part of this ministry and to have witnessed what love, concern and clinical excellence looks like. It is hard to lose a friend of 50 years but these wonderful people not only did their duty but past that, they cared for all of us as the scared and grieving people we were.

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